Understanding Highlight Videos vs Skills Videos

According to NCSA, one of the biggest recruiting services, the key difference between a highlight and skills video is that a highlight video is a compilation of your best plays, while a skills video is a showcase of your technical skills.

A highlight video is a great way to show coaches what you can do on the field or court. It should include clips of you making big plays, such as touchdowns, home runs, or dunks. You can also include clips of you making great catches, tackles, or blocks.

A skills video is a great way to show coaches your technical skills. It should include clips of your fundamental and foundational skills in your specific sport.

It is important to make sure that your highlight and skills videos are well-made and professional. You should use high-quality video and audio, and you should edit your videos so that they are concise and easy to watch.

You should also make sure that your videos are relevant to the schools you are interested in. If you are a football player, you should send your highlight video to football coaches. If you are a basketball player, you should send your highlight video to basketball coaches.

By following these tips, you can create highlight and skills videos that will help you get noticed by coaches and get recruited to the college that best matches your abilities.

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