From Overwhelmed to Organized: Your Athlete's Video Content Made Easy


At Numbers Don't Lie, we're firm believers that content is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to your athlete's journey in sports. We understand that the process of creating and managing video content can be daunting for both athletes and parents. That's why we're here to simplify things for you. By adopting one crucial habit—systematically capturing and organizing your content—you'll find that everything else becomes a breeze. Here's how to do it effectively.

Step 1: Capture, Capture, Capture!

Consistency is Key

Don't hesitate to pull out your smartphone and capture every moment—practices, training sessions, games, and more. The more consistent you are, the better you'll get at it, and the higher the likelihood of capturing those golden moments.

Quality Over Equipment

Modern smartphones come equipped with high-definition cameras. So, forget about splurging on expensive video equipment. Your phone is more than capable.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Aim to capture content in short segments, ideally no longer than a minute per clip. This makes it easier to sort and use later.

Step 2: Organize Like a Pro

Purge as You Go

In the heat of the moment, you'll capture both hits and misses. Use downtime to delete clips that don't serve your purpose.

Tag and Highlight

Mark the clips that have the potential to be "content gold." Most devices offer features to tag or highlight clips, making them easier to find later.

The Cloud is Your Friend

Ensure your recording device is connected to a cloud service like Apple iCloud or Google Drive. This simplifies the process of transferring content to a computer, where you can do more advanced editing and organizing.

Folder Organization

After an event or a day of capturing, organize your clips into folders. Use a naming convention that starts with the year, followed by the month, date, and a brief description.


Imagine you're about to kickstart the recruitment process for your high school athlete. You'll need highlight and recruitment videos, right? Well, if you've followed these steps, you'll have a treasure trove of content at your fingertips, ready to showcase your athlete's talents without any stress.

Final Thoughts

While having great video content is essential, it's just one piece of the puzzle in your athlete's sports journey. Success requires time, persistence, and hard work. So, keep capturing the hard work your athlete puts in, and you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

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