Parents! Here's your solution - a simple, quick and low-cost video editing process

Parents! Here's your solution - a simple, quick and low-cost video editing process

If you’re anything like us, you want your athlete to win as they pursue their athletic dreams and as a parent you want to provide every resource possible for them. You have most likely come to the conclusion that documenting and highlighting their sports journey with video can play a key role in their journey, but you also hate that most video service solutions are too expensive and too complicated to navigate. The process can be overwhelming and we’ve been there too and have felt that same overwhelming feeling. That’s why we created Numbers Don’t Lie Productions, for parents just like you. 

At Numbers Don’t Lie, we believe that if any athlete is willing to put in the work to be their BEST, they have earned the right to get noticed with a low-cost and easy to understand process for their highlight video. Here is our Easy Success Plan with Video:

  1. Decide which video service you need and is best for you at this time.
  2. Make your purchase through our simple check-out system and receive your “Next Steps” email within 24-hours.
  3. Send us your video clips using our simple upload platform.
  4. Receive your video with our quick turnaround time and begin sharing with your family, friends, networks, coaches, recruiters, and scouts.

At the end of the process, you will no longer have the feelings of being overwhelmed and ill-equipped to assist your athlete reach their athletic goals and dreams; no more lacking the time, resources, or expertise for a professional and practical highlight video. Instead, you’ll be the parent that is confident and equipped with an easy and low-cost process to create your athlete’s highlight videos moving forward, you’ll be the hero in your athlete’s journey, providing them with a path to more exposure. When your athlete wins, you win! Read below from others who have experienced these feelings and have gone through our process.

“Once again, Numbers Dont L1e productions has created an incredible media clip for us. The process couldn’t be easier to do and the turnaround time is fast. This company really does care about the quality of what they produce and also each and every youth athlete they work with. Kudos Numbers Don’t L1e!” 
- Renee Cline (son Ace)
“It’s been a great pleasure working with Numbers Don’t Lie Productions. It’s an honor to be a part of the NDL NATION! They do great work showcasing the greatest youth athletes from all over the world!” 
- Jason Ford (son Dylan)
“We love the work that Numbers Don’t Lie does! They put together all of Peyton’s football highlights last year and have done several highlights this year for both baseball and football! Very professional with a quick response time! Best customer service and product! Thank you for capturing the memories for us to keep for a lifetime Numbers Don’t Lie Productions!”
  - Nora Flores-Woodyard (son Peyton)

Right now you can receive 20% off any of our one time video services or if you join the NDL Nation program, you’ll get $10 off for your first three months of the monthly recurring video service. This is a one-time offer for first time buys only and it’s meant to introduce you to our services. We think once you see how our process works, you’ll feel confident that you’ve found the right video solution for you and your athlete for the foreseeable future. No more overwhelm, no more costly and confusing solutions. 

To take advantage of this limited, one time offer, use discount code rookie at checkout for either of the two options above. Click here to view all of the services you can choose from today.


Most of our customers prefer the NDL Nation Program when it comes to our services because not only do you get a short highlight video every month, but your athlete also has the added benefit of being a brand partner where we consistently promote them on our social media platforms as an NDL Nation Athlete. Remember to use discount code rookie at checkout to get your one-time offer applied to your first three months of this program. Let us know if you have any questions.

Not quite ready to order, have more questions, schedule your free consultation by clicking here now. 
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