What’s the difference between a highlight and recruitment video?

What’s the difference between a highlight and recruitment video?

At Numbers Don’t Lie we’re often asked what the difference is between a sports highlight video, skills video, and a recruitment video. The problem gets bigger when you realize that these terms are often used interchangeably and you begin to overthink things. 

Rest assured though, by putting a few things in perspective, you’ll be able to move forward in getting the right video created for your athlete on their sports journey. 

  • TIP 1 - Understand clearly what your intent is with the video. Most younger athletes and families will be looking for video to share with friends, family, and fans. As athletes progress in their sports journey and begin looking at possibly playing at the next levels, they may be looking for content to assist in their training, or to send to coaches and scouts for their recruitment process. Once you’ve determined your video need, you’re well on your way.
  • TIP 2 - Highlight = Hype. Typically (again terms are often interchangeable), when using the term highlight you want to highlight the great plays, and cut out anything else. You are hyping up the athlete and may include all the bells and whistles you find when you search for your favorite sports team’s highlights; this could include energetic music, replays, special graphics and more. 
  • TIP 3 - Recruitment Videos Eliminate the Flair. Typically (again terms are often interchangeable), when using the term recruitment or skills you want to first and foremost minimize or eliminate the fancy music, replays, and special effects. The decision makers (coaches, recruiters, etc.) need to focus on specific things, your skills and how they may relate to success for their program in the future. 

You are becoming an expert now in understanding sports highlight videos. We know that the confidence you are gaining as you become more equipped with this knowledge is going to pay big dividends for you and your athlete on their journey. When your athlete wins, you’re going to be hero in this journey and ultimately, you will be the winner! 


Video is only a piece to your big picture sports puzzle on the sports journey, but being equipped with the right piece could be the difference between which turn your journey makes. And remember, success takes time, persistence, and hard work, there is no substitute for these items. So over TIME, be PERSISTENT in capturing the HARD WORK your athlete is investing in their sports goals.

Most youth sports parents don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to create highlight videos, so we created a simple, quick, and low-cost process that helps them create highlights to showcase their athlete. Schedule your free consultation here: 


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