016 - Recruitment Videos Under $35, Athlete Branding, Marketing and Much More with Spiker Helms of the Rawlings Tigers

016 - Recruitment Videos Under $35, Athlete Branding, Marketing and Much More with Spiker Helms of the Rawlings Tigers

Episode #16 of Highlighting the BEST of Youth Sports was a great interview with Spiker Helms who is the National Director for the Rawlings Tigers Baseball & Softball Club and co-founder of Tournament Guy. We’ve been a huge fan of the Rawlings Tigers and their youth baseball development programs for a long time and when we came across Spiker’s online presentation titled Create a Professional Baseball Recruiting Video Under $35 we had to have him on the show. And wow, he didn’t disappoint, you’re going to love all the value he provided on recruitment videos, branding and marketing for athletes and much more!

Links below to see the presentation on recruitment videos under $35 and where you can keep up with Spiker Helms and the Rawlings Tigers.










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