024 - Jen Schroeder | Softball Game Changer and Inspiring Leader of Girls

024 - Jen Schroeder | Softball Game Changer and Inspiring Leader of Girls


In this episode, we had Jen Schroeder, a former softball standout at UCLA and founder of the Packaged Deal that offers some of the best softball clinics in the world sponsored by Nike. Jen is such an amazing leader of young girls and brought a ton of value during our discussion. Don’t miss her story about who inspires her and how her new Online Softball School is about to change the coaching game forever for softball and sports. 

Links to everything discussed in the show: 

Softball School

The Packaged Deal Website

Instagram: Instagram for Jen

Instagram for The Packaged Deal

Twitter: Twitter for Jen

Twitter for The Packaged Deal

Facebook: Facebook for Jen Schro Catching

Facebook for The Packaged Deal

Nike Diamond

Jen's Catching Gear


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