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Numbers Don't Lie

Baseball Team Skills Day Video Package

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Add 2nd Defensive Position?

***IMPORTANT: Do not purchase this package until your team/organization has confirmed your Skills Day date and time and you have received a unique discount code. Managers and coaches, if interested in coordinating your own Skills Day, please email us directly at - team discount and fundraising opportunities available.

How the Skills Day Works

In the world of baseball recruiting, a skills video is your ultimate game-changer. It's not just about showcasing your highlights; it's about revealing your complete skill set. Coaches and recruiters crave a comprehensive view of your abilities in hitting, pitching, fielding, and more. A well-crafted skills video is your ticket to standing out and leaving a lasting impression. Let your technique, mechanics, and athleticism shine – it's time to make your mark.

Video is an essential tool for getting noticed initially. A skills specific video helps you advance in the baseball recruiting process. College coaches and recruiters need to assess your mechanics, footwork, and details from the right angles.

Numbers Don't Lie Productions works with your coaching staff to coordinate your Skills Day date, time, and event plan. Your coaching staff will place you in groups by position and we'll work together to rotate you through different stations and capture your video content in a controlled showcase environment. 

Simple Process

  1. Purchase your Skills Day Video Package using your team's unique discount code; 
  2. Once you checkout you'll immediately receive an email with your NEXT STEPS GUIDE - this guide provides you with details and the required form to prepare for your Skills Day event;
  3. On the day of the event we'll capture the content for you as your coaches run you through the event plan and stations; and finally
  4. We'll professionally produce your skills video for your recruitment process. 

Skills Day Video Package Features

  • Event Videographer
  • Event Coordination
  • Your purchase includes footage of 1 defensive position and 1 hitting session; to add footage for a 2nd defensive positions (two-way players), select the add on option at check-out.
  • 10 Day Delivery of Professionally Produced Skills Video
  • Isolation/Spot Graphics If Needed
  • Professional Title Graphics
  • Lower Third Player Info Bar with Contact Info for Recruiting
  • Professional Audio Blend: Mixing Premium Low Level Background Music with Natural Baseball Sounds
  • Professional Transitions
  • Player Bio Page with Info, Stats, and Photo
  • Video Shared on Social Media Platforms 
  • Shareable YouTube Link of Skills Video
  • Digital File for Download

Understanding What a Skills Video Is 

Skills videos are different from highlight videos - A baseball skills video is a comprehensive showcase of a player's fundamental abilities, designed to give recruiters and coaches a complete overview of their overall skill set. It typically includes footage of various baseball actions, such as hitting, pitching, fielding, and throwing. The primary focuas of a skills video is to demonstrate the player's technical proficiency, mechanics, and overall athleticism. In contrast, highlight videos typically capture live game footage.